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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Date of birth:?? 1979 (no relevant information about the birth date)
Place of birth:Brooklyn,New York,U.S.
Date deceased:July 5,2007 (aged 28)
Place of death:Las Vegas,Nevada,U.S.
Cause of death:Suicide

About X1:
I knew him only as a member of Onyx affiliate group,Gang Green,and also as a younger brother of much more famous rapper,Sticky Fingaz.
I first saw him in the Gang Green's music video,for the song ''I'll Murder You''.He was rapping in the end of the song.
I came across this song accidentally,when I searched some Onyx songs on the youtube.Now,I can't really tell if this was before or after X1's death,since I don't remember and I did not hear about his death until 2009,2 years after his death.
As far as the X1's rapping skills,I can say that he is very simmilar to his brother,Sticky Fingaz,but in the 1995 song,''I'll Murder You'',which I just mentioned,he was,I will dare to say,even better.I say this because all of these young rappers from the group Gang Green (which was composed of brothers and relatives of Onyx members),all of them rapped from the heart.That's why I really like this song,it's a pure rap,pure gangsta rap,rapped with so much energy.If you are real Gangsta Rap fan,be sure to check this song out.
Now let's say something about X1 in general,even though there are not many informations out there about him.

Generally About X1:
X1 (his real name is not known,but I assume his last name is Jones,since Sticky Fingaz's name is Kirk Jones),was born in Brooklyn,NY,U.S. in 1979.He is the brother of Onyx member,Sticky Fingaz and a cousin of another Onyx member,Fredro Starr.As a teenager,he joined the group Gang Green,which was composed of brothers and relatives of Onyx members.The group had only one notable single,''I'll Murder You'',in 1995.This song was also a skit on the Onyx album,''All We Got Iz Us'',but it was a little bit different than the actual song.
He was representing Southside Jamaica,Queens,like Sticky,and he was featured on every Onyx album,since the group's ''Shut 'Em Down album,from 1998.
It's interesting to mention that he appeared on the song ''React'',from the Onyx,in which 50 Cent first appeared.The song was released in 1998,and X1's verse came right after 50 Cent's.He was shortly signed to Mike Tyson's now defunct label Tyson Records.After that,his next and as it will turn,his last deal was with Ball 'R Records,which is based in Las Vegas,were he then lived and later was found dead.His last album was ''Young,Rich & Gangsta''.

X1's Death:
On July 5,2007,X1 was found dead in his Las Vegas hotel room.He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.The reason was unknown.

X1 discography:
2005: It's A New Era Vol.1
2006: Young,Rich & Gangsta
2006: Everywhere We Go EP


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